New Hampshire Municipal Association
New Hampshire Municipal Association

Finance Director

Town of Amherst

The town of Amherst, NH is looking for a finance director who:

  • Loves the job and is very good at it
  • Believes municipal government is important and knows how it works
  • Understands how important transparency and timely information is
  • Wants to work in a friendly and collaborative atmosphere

There is a salary range for this position that starts at $77,500 and tops out at $94,475.  The best scenario for the Town will be to pay someone in the mid- to high- 80’s based on the education, experience and qualifications we are hoping to find.   

Instead of being involved with the NH Retirement System the town matches up to 5.5% of each employee’s base pay into a 457(b)-retirement account.  I know that to some of you this is a bug, to some a feature.  It depends entirely on your personal circumstances. 

To Apply:

If you are interested after you review the job description  ( you can apply by filling out the employment application ( and sending it, along with an engaging cover letter and your resume to  AND                                                                                 

We will begin reviewing applications as soon as they arrive and start doing interviews as soon as we get a qualified candidate.  The process will stay open only until we find the right person. 

Of course, the town is an Equal Opportunity Employer and I can guarantee you that the Town is looking for the best possible person for the job.   If you think you are that person, I look forward to hearing from you.  

Dean E. Shankle, Jr., Town Administrator

Salary: $77,500 - $94,475

Closing Date: April 30, 2019