New Hampshire Municipal Association
New Hampshire Municipal Association

RFP: Municipal Assessing Services

Town of Kingston


The Town of Kingston is requesting bids for the provision of municipal assessing services for a five-year assessment cycle beginning in January, 2019.

The town uses Avitar as its assessing software.  At present, there are a total of 3,147 parcels, each of which will have been measured and listed within the five-year period prior to January, 2019 by a certified assessing firm.  The proposals requested will provide a quote to measure and list 100% of the taxable property in Kingston, including utilities, in a good, workmanlike manner, in compliance with New Hampshire law relative to property appraisal and valuation.  Approximately 20% of the taxable properties will be measured and listed in each year of the 5-year cycle, according to a map-based schedule to be provided.  Data, including a currently descriptive photograph, will be entered as listing changes are noted (i.e., a taxable structure or value change noted on a property will be subject to taxation on the first of April following the date that it is listed).  Additionally, properties identified as having been issued permits or as otherwise having changed in such a way as to affect their taxable value will be visited and assessed so that changes can be noted.  Properties having undergone subdivision, lot line adjustment, or survey correction will be valued according to their present condition, use and configuration.

A qualified person from the assessing company shall be available for a minimum of one day per month, to be set by mutual agreement, to meet with taxpayers who require assistance and to work with the town's assessing clerk on such matters as Current Use assessment, Land Use Change Taxes, Gravel Taxes, Tax Exemptions, Abatements, and professional advice.  The company should be ready to advise the Board of Selectmen concerning requests for abatement and to defend its assessments at the BTLA or Superior Court when necessary.

A part of the bid should include separate pricing to provide a statistical update of the town's assessments as of April 1, 2023 to 100% of market value.  The update will include analysis of sales data for a two-year period prior to the April 1, 2023 date on which the new assessments will be effective.  Analysis of local construction costs, development of an Appraisal Manual specific to the Town of Kingston and consistent with uniform standards, and updating of the assessing software with adjusted values will be included.  An opportunity for taxpayers to meet with a representative of the company at the Kingston Town Hall and discuss their updated assessments will be necessary.

Please provide your bid in the form of an annual fee for each year of the five-year contract, with a separate price for the 2023 statistical update.  Please provide proof of coverage for Liability and Worker Compensation.

Call (603) 642-3342, extension 103 if there are questions or if we can provide information to help you to prepare a bid.

Bids are to be received in the Office of the Selectmen by 4:00 pm on Friday, September 28, 2018.  The bids will be tabulated and reviewed by the Board at their meeting of  October 1, 2018, and bidders will be notified thereafter. 

Closing Date: September 28, 2018