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Budget and Finance Workshop (Mt. Club on Loon, Lincoln, NH)

Event Date: 20 September, 2018
Time: 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Contact: Ashley Methot
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 800.852.3358 ext. 3350

2018 Budget & Finance Workshops

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9:00 am—4:30 pm, Thursday, September 20, Mountain Club on Loon, Lincoln

Cost is $90 and includes continental breakfast, lunch, and a copy of NHMA’s 2017 edition and 2018 supplement of The Basic Law of Budgeting: A Guide for Towns, Village Districts, and School Districts. 

Sponsored by Revision Energy

Fundamentals of the Municipal Budget Process

Using the 2017 edition of NHMA’s Basic Law of Budgeting and the 2018 Supplement as a guide, this full-morning session will address all aspects of the municipal budget process focusing on appropriations, gross-basis budgeting, separate vs. special warrant articles, multi-year contracts, transfers, lapses, spending limitations, no-means-no, duties of official budget committees, disallowed appropriations, special budget requirements under the SB 2 process (official ballot voting) including recent law changes, and other topics.  This session is a must for members of governing bodies, budget committees, and other local officials involved in the budget process.  Ample time will be provided for questions and answers

Presented by: Stephen Buckley, NHMA Legal Services Counsel, and Margaret Byrnes, NHMA Staff Attorney II.

How to Pay for the Budget You Want

This session will address the numerous ways to finance the municipal budget including user fees, reserve and special revenue funds, unanticipated revenue, use of fund balance, long-term debt, leases, Tax Increment Financing (TIF), and of course property taxation.   The importance of multi-year planning using capital improvement plans will be explained, as well as an overview of state aid available to municipalities. 

Presented by: Stephen Buckley, NHMA Legal Services Counsel and Barbara Reid, NHMA Government Finance Advisor.

Understanding the Property Tax System

This session will describe how the property tax system works, including school, county and village district components of property tax rates. Participants will better understand the difference between “assessed” and “equalized” property values, how those values are used in the tax rate setting process, and how to estimate budgetary impacts on the property tax rate in their  municipality.    

Presented by: Barbara Reid, NHMA Government Finance Advisor.

Data Analysis for Decision-Making

The final session of the day will explore the information and data available to municipal officials and the public on the New Hampshire Public Finance Consortium website.  This Data Model was developed to provide access to consistent and timely data about New Hampshire local governments utilizing financial information reported annually by cities and towns to the Department of Revenue Administration, along with other information, with a goal of helping to analyze trends and provide relevant comparisons.  

Presented by:  Barbara Reid, NHMA Government Finance Advisor.                                                                                   




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